Active Members


FarmHouse Fraternity, UW-Platteville Active List

First Name
Last Name Year Major Minor/Emphasis
Aaron Fenske Junior Ag Business Ag Engineering Technology
Austin Ross Junior Crop and Soil Science Ag Business
Brad Comstock Freshman Ag Business
Cody Muntz Freshman Industrial Technology Management
Cody Slivka Junior Soil and Crop Science
Eric Smorstad Junior Criminal Justice Law Enforcement
Garrett Moeller Sophomore Animal Science
Harrison Jakobs Freshman Soil and Crop Science
Jacob Grewe Freshman Criminal Justice
Jake Wedesky Freshman Civil Engineering
Kade Mullett Junior Animal Science Ag Business
Kyle Benik Senior Industrial Technology Management Drafting
Norbert Ostrowski Sophomore Animal Science with Prevet Emphasis
Owen Brown Freshman Soil and Crop Science
Robert Chaffee Senior Industrial Technology Management Manufacturing Technology Management & Drafting and Plastic Technology Ag Engineering Technology
Ronnie Osborne Senior Industrial Technology Management Computer intergrated Manufacturing and industrial product developement and technology
Stetson Magnuson Senior Ag-Business Management
Tate Huntington Junior Soil and Crop Science
Tristan Martins Sophomore Soils and Crop Science GIS Systems
Tyler Dornink Senior Social Science History and Education