Active Members

FarmHouse Fraternity, UW-Platteville Active List

First Name
Last Name Year Major Minor/Emphasis
Alec Wezell Sophomore Ag. Education/Tech Education AET
August James Freshman Building Construction Safety / Management
Brandon Axelson Sophomore Renewable Energy / Sustainability
Brett Simmons Senior Ag. Business
Chris Mangers Sophomore Soil and Crop Science
Clay Spooner Junior Criminal Justice
Cody Muntz Senior Industrial Technology Management
Connor Louis Freshman Mechanical Engineering
David McGuire Junior Soil and Crop Science
Dustin Lippens Sophomore Ag. Business
Harrison Jakobs Senior Soil and Crop Science
Jacob Grewe Senior Criminal Justice
Joshua Wellnitz Sophomore Civil Engineering
Kyle Junk Sophomore Ag. Education/Tech Education AET
Mitch Millner Sophomore Engineering
Nate Telfer Freshman Mechanical Engineering
Noah Hatch Freshman  Ag. Business / Ag. Engineering
Owen Brown Senior Soil and Crop Science
Ricky Lyons Junior Software Engineering
Riley Johnson Freshman Ag. Business
Sawyer Eiden Freshman Ag. Education/Tech Education AET
Spencer Reinecke Freshman Civil Engineering
Thomas Vacek Freshman General Engineering
Trevor Mueller Sophomore Ag. Business